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In 1999, my journey in luthiery commenced with my enrollment at The Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair. After completing the course, I was fortunate to be chosen as an apprentice at the prestigious Galloup shop. Over the course of the next twenty years, I dedicated myself to refining my skills and expanding my knowledge within this craft. Throughout my tenure, my roles varied, encompassing guitar building, repair work, research, and teaching.

Initially, my focus as a builder centered on crafting guitar bodies. It took me approximately three to four years of instrument construction to master the essential woodworking techniques required to create world-class guitars. However, achieving mastery over the instrument's sound was an entirely different challenge. For nearly a decade, I spearheaded research efforts exploring the scientific and engineering aspects of acoustic guitars. This extensive research ultimately yielded a method of construction that relied on empirical measurements, ensuring consistent results from each instrument.

While the quality of the guitars continued to improve, one hurdle remained: they were not truly mine. It was disheartening to possess the knowledge and solution but lack the autonomy to implement it according to my own preferences. Consequently, in 2013, after constructing countless guitars for others, I yearned for the freedom to build instruments under my own name. Thus, I embarked on a new chapter, establishing my own label.

Since that pivotal moment, I have transitioned into my own workshop, devoting myself entirely to guitar building. Drawing upon over two decades of experience, I now meticulously craft instruments that rank among the finest in the world. Each creation undergoes careful design consideration, harmonizing aesthetics with precise voicing to produce instruments that are highly responsive, clear, and rich in sound.

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