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What I do

I have spent over two decades building a deep understanding of the acoustic guitar.  My work allowed me to build hundreds of guitars and oversee the construction of thousands more.  This gave me the opportunity to learn on large scale and I bring that depth of experience to everyone of my guitars.

I currently build 3 models, each voiced to be what I consider to be an ideal instrument.  I find it pointless to describe the sound as it truly must be experienced in order to understand, so I will describe the sound of my guitars to be what I have arrived at as the best sound after searching for my entire adult life.  

I have been a musician and made records, I have been a laborer and made hundreds of instruments.  I have been a repairman and have seen every holy grail instrument there is. I have trained my ears, my hands, and my eyes to know what is great and what is not.

All of my experience informs my opinion of "best".  I have seen it all.  I have heard it all.  I have played them all.  I considered my guitars to be at the peak of what is available, nothing else is better, only different.

I have realized that I am not a mini guitar factory churning out a model of a guitar.  I am an artist.  Each guitar is a canvas that I look to create an individual work that is unique in form and unique in voice.

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